At Napco we have the right GPR for your upcoming project. From marking to mapping of underground or inside concrete surfaces. Napco’s FBI Technicians help you Locate utilities, voids, and anomalies with superior ground penetrating equipment. Our techs will Pinpoint the exact horizontal positioning of subsurface features within: Asphalt, Concrete, Soil, Pavement. We also use electromagnetic technology to locate metallic utilities up to 15 feet below the surface.

Scanning below ground or into concrete is critical in avoiding potentially catastrophic disasters should a utility or tension cable be struck during excavation or drilling into concrete. Napco’s FBI Technicians use state of the art technology to detect and mark sections of reinforced steel embedded in the concrete or underground, it guides concrete cutters and drillers or excavators away from the steel, high tension cables or buried utilities. GPR helps save lives, avoid project delays, and documents the existing conditions before, during, or after construction.

Types of Ground Penetrating Radar
NAPCO FBI Team provides


When you are on a project, there is always the risk of hitting conduit, post tension cable, rebar, etc. If a strike does happen to occur this can incur time and cost on the site.  


Because concrete drilling comes at a risk, NAPCO FBI TECHNICIANS are equipped with multiple technologies to clear areas prior to core drilling and anchoring. Upon completion of the scanning process, you will have a clear layout of the vertical and horizontal position of impediments such as post tension cables, rebar, beams, and conduits. Our scanning and imaging services can be completed on any surface including concrete slabs, walls, columns, and beams.


When saw cutting in a slab-on-grade scenario, locating unseen or buried objects is crucial. The risk of severing post tension cables, rebar, conduits, pipes, grade beams, or other obstructions runs high in saw-cutting applications. In order to identify these hazards, our Project Managers are equipped with multiple technologies, which includes multiple GPR antennas and a variety of other state of the art equipment. This in-depth process results in accurate information about hazards that lie in and below the concrete slab.

Concrete Scanning
NAPCO FBI Team provides
Concrete Scanning
Pre Planning And Design


Napco recommends that during pre-construction that clients obtain accurate information regarding where future concrete penetrations will take place. NAPCO FBI TECHNICIANS have the ability to scan concrete structures prior to the construction phase. This insures safety, reduces costly change orders and limits the redesign process. Napco uses cutting edge technologies that can provide our findings in detail via a field sketch, CAD drawing, or even a 3D model.


Our scanning equipment also has the capability to deliver much more detail. Project Managers are able to determine key slab information for Structural Engineers, including rebar and post-tension spacing and depth, concrete cover and overlay thickness, concrete thickness, and even dowel placement. With NAPCO FBI TECHNICIANS’ ability to scan complete concrete structures, we are not limited by size for structural analysis.

Deliverables NAPCO can provide from Ground Penetrating Radar


NAPCO FBI TECHNICIANS provides constant communication on every project, from start to finish. For concrete imaging applications, it all starts with our field markings, which come in the form of paint, marker, crayon, and any other method as directed by the client. These markings provide clear, accurate displays of rebar, conduits, or post tension cables within the concrete slab, while being understandable for anyone who may view them.


Communication on a job site is the key for success. The NAPCO FBI TECHNICIANS Deliverables Department, in alignment with our 100% subsurface damage prevention goal, creates CAD drawings that document project results, and provides a permanent record of our findings. These drawings allow contractors and owners alike to update as-built drawings for preplanning, core drilling or cutting, or to document site change history.


Our 3D CAD Drawings help provide a better visual representation of reality for clients. These realistic 3D CAD files document the vertical and horizontal elevations, providing a more accurate, easier to read visual than your standard 2D cad file or sketch. Napco BIM/CAD Team can provide models and walk throughs if desired.

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