3D Scanning

No more return trips
to validate as-builts.

Traditional site surveys use tape measure, pictures, and notes that rely on a 3rd party police artist-like sketch of the area and require multiple trips to the jobsite to document the existing conditions. Even the best site surveyor taking measurements can only capture one point of data at a time. Simply put traditional field documentation is far less accurate, requires more resources, takes more time to perform, and is more expensive.

Skyline Scanner Masked
Progression Scan Walkthrough

Napco’s FBI Technician’s cutting edge Lidar and imaging technology can capture millions of data points per second, providing accurate information for an MRI like razor precision record of the space. The point cloud data it provides is a database connecting points in a 3D coordinate system. 3D Scans are “Real Documents of Truth” replacing police artist sketches of 3rd party interpretation from the jobsite. Everyone has heard the expression that pictures are worth a thousand words. In construction, one 3D Scan is worth a thousand documents! Our comprehensive 3D scanning services convert reality into functional data for your project. Why settle for As-Built when you can have VizBuilt?

BIM Sample
3D Scans / Point Cloud Samples